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I don't want to be a pie!

looking for a good restaurant

Hey all...can anybody recommend a yummy, inexpensive restaurant, suitable for a large family of mostly adults, one toddler for a fun festive birthday celebration?

Three of my siblings, myself and my brother-in-law all celebrate our birthdays in January, so we're trying to minimize on the craziness by doing it all at once. It has to be this Sunday. We were thinking of a brunch because we can't think of a sushi/hibachi place that offers lunch on Sundays.

Bergen County is optimal because it's in the middle of all the travelers....particularly the corridor that the Hoboken-to-Mahwah train takes.

We are considering AB&G for lunch, but we have done that SO much, we thought we'd try something new.

Thanks for any input you guys might have.

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You're lucky that you have a family who likes sushi! Usually when I try to go out with a group of more than three, we have to go to an American or Italian restaurant because everyone is so picky.

Anyway, I went to Minado for my birthday and absolutely loved it. It's a bit expensive ($15.95 for Sunday lunch, though the toddler can get in cheaply), but if you can afford to go it's definitely worth it. Minado is a sushi buffet offering every type of sushi imaginable. Unlike most buffets, the food is extremely high quality. The sushi was the best I've ever had, and I was impressed by the non-sushi items as well. I highly recommend it.

Thanks for posting to the community! :)
OMG! I love Minados! Definitely well worth it. The wait staff is friendly..however, you have a 1 hour time limit (but think about the sushi one can consume in an hour). But yeah, it's great!