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I am in search of the best Hot Wings in all of NJ. Can anyone help me?

I have tried the following:

Anthony's Chicken and Ribs - Highstown
Over Billy's - East Windsor
Hooters - Chain, Lawrenceville
TGI Fridays - Chain, East Windsor
Chicken Holiday - Chain, East Windsor

Taste always wins out over HOT, but HOT is an added bonus.
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Darned if I can remember the name of the joint, but in Camden County there's a place that makes the best hot wings EVER. As in, unless you know someone, you had better call ahead.

They also have a fantastic garlic wing, too.
chuck's spring street cafe in princeton has good hot wings...it's behind the princeton record exchange.
i also hear that the pizza place next to hoagie haven has good stuff too, but i haven't been there myself to test it out yet.
Cluck-U Chicken in Morristown.. fucking amazing.