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tired of smoke ruining your meal?

Help Bring Smoke-Free Air to New Jersey!

We're seeing great progress in our fight to make New Jersey smoke-free, but we need your help to make sure we win!

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The Senate will be meeting on May 12th to discuss and vote on various pieces of legislation. As you read this, the Senate is deciding which legislation to bring to a vote at this meeting. Let's make sure they discuss Bill S-1926, legislation to make New Jersey smoke-free!

Let your Senator know that you support a smoke-free New Jersey and urge them to discuss and vote for Bill S-1926 at the May 12th meeting. Governor Codey has a lot of influence over this decision, so send him an email too!

Secondhand smoke isn't just annoying; it's dangerous. It is known to cause a number of serious illnesses such as lung cancer and heart disease. Yet, thousands of New Jersey residents are forced to breathe it in every day at their places of work. Each time you breathe in secondhand smoke, you're exposed to 4,000 dangerous chemicals such as cyanide, ammonia and arsenic. Sixty-nine of these chemicals are known to cause cancer! Workers should not have to choose between their paychecks and their health.

Your Senator and Governor Codey need to know their constituents support this bill. That's why it's so important that they hear from you today!

Every New Jersey citizen has the right to breathe clean air at work. It's time for your state legislators to stand up for that right. Let's make sure New Jersey is no longer the "Ashtray of the Northeast." Thanks for taking some extra time to help make New Jersey smoke-free!

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