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We did it!

New Jersey Becomes Nation's 11th Smokefree Workplace State
Governor signs smokefree workplace law; Clean indoor air takes effect on April 15

Trenton, 1/15/06-- Today, New Jersey became the nation's 11th state to enact comprehensive smokefree workplace legislation as acting Governor Richard J. Codey signed the bill into law.

"Public health has won a major battle in New Jersey," said Codey before signing the legislation. "People will live longer lives because of this law. People who don't smoke will be protected from a killer they never intended to meet."

Codey also signed separate legislation raising the age at which a person can legally buy tobacco from 18 to 19. According to New Jersey's Commissioner of Health, Fred M. Jacobs, 90 percent of smokers become addicted before they're 19 years old.

"The data says smoking kills. It's not just an annoyance," Jacobs said. "That's where we got the traction to get this done." Clean indoor air will protect customers and employees from the dangers of secondhand smoke and will go into effect on April 15.

The legislation makes New Jersey the 11th state with such a law, joining California, Delaware, New York, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Montana, Vermont, and Washington.

With passage of New Jersey's law, the "Ashtray of the Northeast" label passes to Pennsylvania.

To win smokefree air where YOU live, go to

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful citizens can change the
world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

*ahem* YES!!! :D
That's what I call hard work paying off...
It goes into effect just in time for my birthday, too :D It's the best present I could have asked for!

"With passage of New Jersey's law, the "Ashtray of the Northeast" label passes to Pennsylvania."
Just where I happen to be moving soon...
anyone wanna make a bet on the next state to go smokefree? :D
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