sir _fuct_tape_, esq. (_fuct_tape_) wrote in nj_dining,
sir _fuct_tape_, esq.

now that's worth spamming about (but i'm not, so pass it on)

June 8 is Free Iced Coffee Day at Dunkin' Donuts In Select Markets

EAST BRUNSWICK, N.J. (May 19, 2004) - To launch the summer season and thank the millions of Dunkin' Donuts enthusiasts, Dunkin' Donuts announces Free Iced Coffee Day. Participating shops throughout New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware and Pennsylvania* will give away a free 16 oz. Iced Coffee to every customer over the age of 18 that comes in on Tuesday, June 8 from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.
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